World IA Day, San Francisco [Feb 2019]

When everyone is your target user, as designers, we adapt our interface for different user segment. This session, I will be sharing how Facebook designers design for a global community of 2 billion users, where we value people over consistency.

How to run a design sprint without a panic attack

Nordic Design [Oct 2019] | Future London Academy [Mar 2019]

Lead with design

Webexpo, Prague [Sept 2018] | Digital Summit, DC [Aug 2018]

Ever wonder how a designer at Facebook designs for 2 billion people around the world? There is truly no secret recipe rather than a using design thinking methodology and working cross-functionally. In this session, let's go over a (hypothetical) case study and learn about how we design product experience at Facebook. We will explore how can designers not only design, but also lead the product.

Running design sprints can be exhausting or intimidating, what if there is a secret recipe that can make the process creative, fun — and effective? It’s easy, I promise. In this session I’ll go over my favorite methods to generate real solutions in a short period of time. I’ll show you examples of how Facebook designers run design sprints, and teach you easy, actionable processes to bring many minds together for real design solutions.